Azami's Command List is a list of all move sets that belong to the character Azami Carolrin. This fighting style is called Karari Fatay (Indian Martial Arts).

Indian Martial Arts Edit

Indian Martial Arts has three command fighting technique, which are attacking, jump, and defense. Azami more basic of a jumper during a battle. She uses a lot of high moves, moving through the air.

Description Edit

Indian Martial Arts is known to be passed down in Azami Carolrin's family line. Azami learns fighting to do the Indian Martial Arts from her beloved grandfather. Her father also uses Indian Martial Arts.

Normal Edit

' Normal Moves
Sweep punch P
Low sweep punch P
Rising high kick K
Low break kick K
Double seep punch Pp
Sweep combo P space k
Back middle kick K slanted arrow
Feint Up & down
Ren sou elbow Ppp
Ren sou combo Pppp
Ren geki attack Ppppp
Ren geki combo Pppppp
Ren geki final Ppppppp
Azami knee attack Left k
Sou ka elbow Left p
Ka sho ken Down slant left p
Elbow high spin kick Left p k
Turn elbow combo Left p p
Ka sen sho Leftp
Ka sen sho Slanted p
Azami upper combo Slanted p p
Low chop P & k
Low chop combo P & k p
Low chop combo P & k
Azami savate Gk
Zan to kick Right k
Zan sen kick Down gk
Zan sen combo Down gk left p
Low spinning heelkick Down down k
Front spring attack Right left k
Karetu crush Right left pk
Azami knee kick combo Left k k
Rising savate Down k gk
Flying twist attack Left left gk
Cross rolling kick Move k
Koushu Gp
Rakugeki Right gp
Karyu Right left gp
Zanto Down gpk
Azami back throw Gp
Question marks Leftright gp
Back wall kick Left k
Geki hou shu Rightp
Hold down Leftgp
Hold down & elbow butt Leftgp gp
Hold down more Left gp right gp
Jumping hip attack P down

Jump Edit

' Jump Moves
Twist headbutt P
Somersault air kick K
Falling kick K
Falling blade chop P
Low round kick Down k
Low blade chop Down p
Ten sho kick K
Yaku sho attack P
Somerault axe kick Sk
Front rolling kick Up slanted k
Back rolling kick Up slanted k other
Tornado stomp P up
Riding assault K upp