Azamis name
Azami in manual
Also Known as Rin Carol Azami
Birthdate 11/30/1981
Age 16
Height 155cm (5')
Weight 48kg (108lbs)
Blood Type 0
Likes Chocolate Parfait, the color blue
Dislikes Boredom
Hobbies Cheerleading
Fighting Style Karari Fatay (Indian Martial Arts)
'Fighting Techniques Azami's Command List
'Voice Actor Yukino May
Azami Carolrin (薊・リン・キャロル Azami Rin Kyaroru Carole · Lynn) or Rin Carol Azami is a female fictional character in the Konami's Deadly Arts. She was one of the locked characters in the original version.

She is an ordinary high school student that likes her father and wishes she can be with him.  

Development Edit

One of the weird developments before it was scrapped, Azami used to have a whole complete different design then the final version. It was possibly they change it due to her personality to be more unique by the way of her fashion.  

In the original concept version she was wearing purple shorts, white top with puffy sleeves. Her hair was set to be pulled back in braids with two bows at the top holding them, and hand two large orange ball clips at the bottom. The only thing that seem the same was the front looks of her hair, Having bangs, and two short sides in the front. She was known to have her favorite color purple, but was scrapped along with the rest of her original self.  

Story Edit

Ever since Azami was young, her parents were too busy to take care of her because of their daily jobs. Such as, her father is a prestigious martial artist in India. Her mother is a former rental actor. Because of this, Azami ends up living with her grandfather. It is assumed her grandmother is dead.  

Wanting to follow in her father’s footsteps because of hearing stores from her grandfather making her fascinated about her father. Now her grandfather was teaching her how to fight and learned martial arts of the Karai Fatay.

Without knowing, her mother lies about her father over the past years, and Azami’s father has actually been missing since 10 years ago. Now she’s been struggling to find the clues of her missing father.

One day when Azami return back from high school, she revises a mysterious letter. The sender was a man named, Reiji Ogami. Questioning and asking herself if this legendary Reiji could be her missing father. 

Personality Edit

Azami is a curious, bright,energetic, cute, beautiful, sweet, cheerful, and thoughtful character that loves her father very much. She is willing to do anything even if it is hard, but if she sets her heart onto it, she can do anything. She is also known to be very athletic, being a member of her school's cheer-leading squad.

She can often protect things that she cares for her the most. She likes spending time with any of her family including, grandpa, and her mother if she can. If she can get any chance to see her father it would mean the world to her.   

Her birthday is November 30th, 1981, making her the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Her favorite food is chocolate parfait and she really adores the color blue. She known to be very outgoing, enjoys trying new things, and her blood type is 0. She hates makeup unlike, Serina, and Miki.  

Sometimes during her fighting, she can be a bit clumsy. She may seem sweet sometimes, but she has been shown to have a very vicious temper, when a user fights against her often she can be very difficult to fight against showing her temper.   

Fighting Style Edit

Azami has a cute standing movement in fact that even her moves seem cute too. Just because by her looks may seem to be, she can be a tough fighter like all the rest of the characters.  

During fights, Azami can break down her opponents by using a Ren-Geki as a final punch. If she uses her Karyu (throw) she can get on top of her enemies with her whole body knocking them over in a single blow. 

She loves to do cartwheels and flips like a cheerleader. When she does these, she'll be either getting away from her opponents or trying to knock them over. 

Like most of the characters, Azami can push her enemies up agents any objects to put pressure onto their backs. When they fall to the ground, she can either set on them making it a Low Blade Chop (Before landing) or step on them a Riding Assault (follow-up attack).   

Trivia Edit

  • People often mistaken her as a Shinto Preistess such as on youtube drama.
  • She shares a few characteristics to Miaka Yuki from Fushigi Yugi.
  • She was the only character that was not really in the original G.A.S.P Fighter's NEXTream Prototype version, but she was an unlockable character.
  • It is unknown how her ending goes. It is assumed that she found her long-lost father.
  • Azami's main outfit looks similar to Sakura Kinomoto's Cheerleading dress from Cardcaptor Sakura.
  • Azami's bottoms in her first outfit was changed in the Europe and America version to the color teal because in the Japanese versions it was known to be a cheerleading dress and the confusion of white short shorts makes it look like she's got a pair of white underwear on. On her second outfit the confusion of white underwear was blending with her white skirt, so the American and Europe change her underwear to blue.

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