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Create a fighter

In Deadly Arts (G.A.S.P!! Fighters' NEXTream) you can create your own character and customize his/her moves in the training mode. As in real life, practicing your techniques and learning new ones takes a lot of training. Train hard and you will be able to use your customized character in the other battle modes.

  1. Create a fighter mode select - Choose 'Character' or 'Training'
  2. Character Editor - Highlight the option you wish to change by pressing the control pad up/down. Change the option by pressing the control pad left/right. Press the L button to rotate the character left or the R button to rotate the character right. Press the button again and the character will face towards you after a full revaluation.
  3. Naming - Select 'name' from the character edit screen. Move the cursor using the control pad. select a letter or character with the A button. Enter a space with the R button and delete a character with the L button. Select exit after you have completed entering the name.

Saving Edit

Select 'Save' to save your newly fighter.

Training Edit

Highlight the data/character you wish to load and select it with A button. Select an opponent for your training session. You will fight the opponent in the normal game format. If you win, you may be allowed to learn some (or one) of the opponent's moves.

Acquiring Techniques Edit

Once you have completed training, your opponent's Command List will be displayed. Highlight a technique and select it with the A button.

Select a character to train with

Acquire the technique. Many of the techniques may not be available until your fighter gains more experience. Be careful when choosing techniques that are similar to the ones you have already earned. You may lose several moves while gaining only one new technique.

When looking at the Command List hold down the L button while pressing the control pad up/down to view only the moves that you can learn.

By selecting techniques with the Directional button while holding down the start button, a description of the technique will be displayed. The R button changes the display so you can delete unnecessary techniques. Highlight a technique with the control pad and select it with the A button.

Hold the start button while pressing the control pad up/down to see a discretion of the technique.

Press the R button to highlight your Command List. This will allow you to delete any unwanted techniques. Highlight a technique with the control pad with the A button.

You win

Deleting Techniques Edit

You cannot delete your basic techniques. By deleting one part of a series of techniques, you will delete the entire series. If you do not wish to do this, select no. Be careful, once you have deleted a technique the only way you can get it back is by re-acquiring it through training.

using your customized fighter in other modes:

After accumulating enough experience in the training mode, you can use your custom fighter in the other game modes.

To use your customized fighter in the other game modes, press Start while on the Player select screen. This will bring up the pak menu and allow you to load your customized fighter. The characters that can be used will have a star next to their name in the data information area. Highlight the desired character to load using the control pad and select it with A button.

You can still learn new techniques in the create a fighter training mode even when you have gained enough experience to take port in other modes.

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Trivia Edit

  • In the Japanese and Europe versions, there are a few more faces to choose from than in the American version.
  • When naming a fighter, the player can only name the character with 6 letters, numbers, or symbols.
  • Once the player trains enough fighting moves and is complete, the player can be their character in 1 player mode.
  • Once the training mode is complete, the player can fight two create of fighter characters in VS mode.
  • The last person to fight in training mode is Gouriki. Once the player's character finishes fighting him he will give them one of his moves to choose from. After the player chooses which move they want their character to have, he will then tell them to fight the strongest fighter next. Which would be Reiji.