Kai's Command List is a list of all move sets that belong to the character Kai Himuro. This fighting style is called the Chinese Law.

Chinese Law Edit

The Chinese Law has three command fighting technique, which are attacking, jump, and defense. Kai uses a lot of action into his moves and attacks.He uses more of a his fists such as, punches.

Description Edit

Kai started learning the Chinese Law martial arts in order for him to get stronger. He always believed that martial arts is a way in solving things.


' Normal Moves
Crush punch P
Low crush punch P
Pinnacle kick K
Low side kick K
Crush double punch Pp
Crush combo P space k
Hard middle kick K slanted arrow
Rising elbow Left p
Rising elbow and punch Left p left p
Rising elbow combo Left p left p left
Double crush elbow P left left
Smash palm punch P & k
Low palm punch while crouching P & k
Mid upper palm punch Slanted pk left
Gan-kai crush Right left p
Shin-geki cannon Left left p
Back spin upper Left right p
Gan-kai elbow Right left p left p left
Sai-gan elbow P leftp
Sai-gan combo P leftp p
Double palm punch Rightleft left p
Low arm leg sweep Left down p
Back spin kick Down right k
Back spin combo Down right kk
Dragon round kick Down down k
Dragon rising kick Down down k k
Dragon double kick Down down downk downk
Double middle kick Slanted up down k k
Flash elbow Down left pk
Flash combo Down left pk leftp
Flash combo 2 Down left pk leftp leftp
Flash combo 3 Down left pk leftp leftp leftp
Flash combo 4 Down left pk leftp leftp leftp leftleft
Flash combo 5 Down left pk leftp leftp leftp leftleftpk
Flash combo final Down left pk leftp leftp leftp leftleftpk pk
Sen-zin-tosha (throw) Gp
Kai-hon-sho (throw) Right gp
Ten-ryu-seki (throw) Leftright gp
Fu-zetu-ga (throw) Right down gp
Kick reversal leg sweep (reversal) Slanted right pk
Wall spring bullet (wall move) Right left k
Hold down (object move) Leftgp
Hold down & hit (object move) Leftgp gp
Vertical crush (follow-up attack) Left gp right gp
Low crush punch (while crouching) P down


' Jump Moves
Double blade P
Palm punch Left p
Karate blade Slanted p
Thunder blade kick K
Rising thunder storm Up p
Javenlin elbow Up slanted p
Thunder blade kick Up k
Falling spin kick K
Falling low spin kick Down k
Ground sliding kick Slanted down k
Low spear punch Down p]
Flip pinnacle kick K
Drop elbow P up