Kaoru name
Kaoru in Anime
Also Known as Yaegashi Kaoru
Birthdate 5/8/1978
Age 19
Height 163cm (5'5)
Weight 61kg (134lbs)
Blood Type AB
Likes Serina Hiyu
Dislikes Rejection
Hobbies Stalking Serina
Fighting Style Overall
'Fighting Techniques Kaoru's Command List
'Voice Actor Unknown
Kaoru Yaegashi (八重樫薫 Kaoru Yaegash) a fictional character on the game called Deadly Arts. He made his debut in the game as one of the original three characters.

He was known to have feelings for Serina Hiyu.

Development Edit

When being first developed, Kaoru was one of the main characters throughout the game along with, Serina Hiyu, and Kai Himuro. He was known to be the main character in early concept out of them both, but was changed when the released version.

In the first concept art in a drawing back before the games developments, Kaouru's shirt changed over time. He's concept of a yellow shirt stayed the same but had a whole complete different design on it with the words written a crossed "Old Watt Club: It is possible he was in some club, this is still unknown.

Story Edit

Kaoru is an athletic high school student in the 12th grade that repeated the grade over. He has serious feelings for Serina Hiyu. Serina does not pay much attention to him he often feels like a nobody. He is known that Serina has feelings for another guy named Kai Himuro now because of this it makes him jealous. He calls Kai his rival fighting for the same thing, love. 

He mistakes Serina has an interest in Martial Arts so he decides to train in order to show off to her.

Kaoru is a mysterious genius fighting for love.

Personality Edit

Kaoru is a little weird when it comes to his own personal feelings around those he loves. He likes to jump into conclusions before knowing the actual real story.

He gets too excited often. He looks at everything getting his way, but he does try showing people that he really cares and would do anything he can to make them happy. Even if he does not like it.

Fighting Style Edit

As for Kaoru standing, he likes to move in a slow position like Killer Kongoh then most of the characters. When he fights his opponents, he gets down to their weak points. He often uses his feet to knock them over doing a Turn Low Kick or a Double Turn Low Kick. He enjoys swinging his legs back and forth doing the High Kick move.

When his enemies are knocked down he likes to do a belly flop onto them and poping their bones doing a body press (follow-up attack). He also likes jumping on to his opponents and stomping on them doing a Running Assault (follow-up attack) move.    

Trivia Edit

  • Kaoru is a male and female name that means "Fragrance" in Japanese. His last name Yaegashi is a used name in Brazil.
  • In both version, Kaoru has feelings for Serina. On his Quotes he says to Serina commenting he is a better teammate then Kai.

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