Killer name
Konger in manual
Also Known as Kongoh Killer
Birthdate 9/20/1973
Age 24
Height 192cm (6'2)
Weight 97kg (213lbs)
Blood Type A
Likes His job
Dislikes Short battles
Hobbies Wrestle on the streets
Fighting Style Professional Wrestling
'Fighting Techniques Kongoh's Command List
'Voice Actor Tanaka Vibe
Killer Kongoh (キラー・金剛 Kon-chu(-・こんごうTanaka Vibe)is a financial character in Deadly Arts.

He was known to be a professional trainer wrestler and also a secret criminal.

Story Edit

Kongoh is a spiritual wrestler ever since he was young. He had a passion for wrestling, training, and known to be the number one champion.

One day, while he was about to wrestle he receives a mysterious letter. The letter came from the legendary, Reiji Ogami. The letter influences him to join on fighting, even with no reason why. He guesses there will be other new wrestlers that are going to join the competition and thinks this is a really good opportunity.  


Kongoh is known to be able to destroy things with his two bare hands. He is strong welled, heavy build, significant, and can be a bit shriek.

He has a good side to him and a bad side to him. His good side is that he can be kindhearted even though his record looks bad. People often misjudge him because of this. He tries to show his good side to others as much as possible.

His bad side is affected when he's angry. He hates to get angry. When he's angry, he can be howl, denote, and ghast. This happens when someone pushes him too far. 

Fighting Style Edit

Killer Kongoh stands in a slow movement like Kaoru Yaegashi. He is known to be a good wrestler and also a good fighter. Because of this, he can use his wrestling techniques to slow down his opponent. He has the great opportunity to show his enemies how it is done.

His fighting skills are basted all on concentration and focusing. He uses a lot of moment with his legs doing the Smash Knee Attack doing some danged on the opponent. If this attacks the opponent, it can lead to a Double Leg Impact.

He can also use his arms for even a greater weapon. One of his great moves he uses his hand in secret is the Total Destruction. Like all characters, he has throw moves. He can grab his enemies down to the ground with a tumble doing the Powersiam (throw). Kongoh can use both arms and crush his enemies to the ground by hitting them on the head. This move is called the Steel Head Butt.

Trivia Edit

  • In the original prototype version, he was supposed to be a character that could be playable once he was unlocked.

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