The Command List, these are the move sets that belong to Killer Kongoh. This fighting style is called Professional Wrestling.

Professional Wrestling Edit

Professional wrestling is a form of entertainment which combines athletics with theatrical performance. Kongoh is more of a body slamming, throw, during a battle. He usually picks up his opponents during the fight.

Description Edit

Kongoh is known to be a professional wrestler. It is assume he learn wrestling in high school and continue to do so later in the years. He has a passion for wrestling.

Normal Edit

' Normal Moves
Crusher straight punch P
Low crusher punch (while crouching) P
Rising kick K
Side low kick (while crouching) K
Killer smasher Pp
Killer crush P space k
Rising side kick K slanted arrow
Stomper (follow-up attack)
Double stomper (follow-up attack)
Stomach blow
Break elbow
Killer upper punch
Reverse elbow drop
Horizontal cutter
Cyclone savate kick
Shoulder crusher
Destruction straight punch
Total destruction
Double sledgehammer
Elbow smash
Killer lariat
Smash knee attack
Double leg impact
Landslide kick
Double chop
Skull crusher
Tornado savate kick
Back elbow turn (back attack)
Powerslam (throw)
Steel head butt
Arm catch and throw (throw)
Bodylift (throw)
Face quake (throw)
Killer head butt (throw)
Power bomb (low throw)
Bulldocking head lock (low throw)
Tombstone piledriver (throw)
Spine buster (throw)
Hyper giant swing (throw)
Locking knee assault (back throw)
Bell to back suplex (back throw)
Reversal punch (reversal)
Reversal head butt (reversal)
Achilles' tendon hold (reversal)
Body lift and crush (wall movethrow)
Wall breaker (wall movethrow)
Smacking head lock (wall movethrow)
Double crusher (wall movethrow)
Hold down
Hold down and hit (object move)
Hold down more (object move)

Jump Edit

' Jump Moves
Killer missile (while wall jump) P
Triangle body press (while wall jumpfollow-up attack) P
Dropkick (while wall jump) Up slanted k other
Body press (while wall jump) [[image: ]]
Somersault body press (while wall jump) P
Heavy hammer (while front jump) P
Heavy hammer (while landing) K
Fake toe kick (while landing) Down k
Power sliding kick (before landing) Down p
Falling low punch (before landing) [[image: ]]
Blast toe kick (after jump) [[image: ]]
Rocket upper cut (after jump) [[image: ]]
Killer dropkick (while front jumping up) [[image: ]]
Killer drill kick (after jump) [[image: ]]
Driving head butt (after jump) [[image: ]]
Twisted fall (follow-up attack) [[image: ]]
Leg drop (follow-up attack) [[image: ]]
Diving head butt (follow-up attack) [[image: ]]