Miki name
Miki in manual
Also Known as Kiryuin Miki
Birthdate 4/23/1971
Age 20
Height 174cm (5'7)
Weight 65kg (143lbs)
Blood Type O
Likes Sakai Yuma
Dislikes Crimes
Hobbies Singing; Shopping
Fighting Style Martial Arts
'Fighting Techniques Miki's Command List
'Voice Actor Mami Koumube
Miki Kiryuin (桐生院美樹 Kiryuin Miki(きりゅういん・みきGiraffe Miki)is a fictional character in Deadly Arts.

Development Edit

In the first development before the creation of the game, Miki had a concept of an original self long like the rest of the characters.

Her hair seemed to be parted to the right side, leaving her hair the same length, short and red, instead having her hair parted to the middle like the final version. Her clothes stayed the same but instead of the dark maroon color, her colors were all black at one time. The magenta seem to stay in the final version.

Story Edit

Miki is a creative genius fighting female that happens to go to college. At the age of 18, she created the undefeated legend in two years run including Marshall Atsu.

Some point in her life she left home due to her sad past. When she was young, her family was murder by a psychotic criminal. It is not known who the criminal was. She needed answers on solving who did it.

She started training martial arts trying to be skillful as possible. She did this to learn how to protect herself if the criminal comes back for her so the next time she’ll be ready.

She receives a letter about a fighting tournament being held soon. The sender is Reiji Ogami. She agrees on this and hoping for a chance that she will be able to find out who was the one that killed her family.

Personality Edit

Miki is a nice, a kind, warm hearted, serene and beautiful person. She is also a very mature woman. She is patient, polite, calm, and always looking on the bright side. Even though she enjoys love wearing makeup, she never really thought beauty was in it, but she looks at everyone equally. When she knows something is wrong she knows how to handle things on her own very well, and tries not to go to far. She enjoys singing on her spear time and has a beautiful voice.

Her birthday is April the 24th, 1971 making her the zodiac sign, Taurus. She loves putting on makeup and going shopping. Her blood type is, 0. She's not really into trying new things but she loves making new friends.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Japanese Version, G.A.S.P!! Fighters'NEXTream, she speaks something in Japanese on the Special S+R Buttons.
  • It is unknown how her ending goes. It is assumed that she found out who the killer was. It is also possible that the killer was Kyoya because of his criminal background, and that he enjoys killing people.
  • In the prototype version, she was an unlockable character instead of being unlocked like the final version.
  • Miki has two different eye color including the colors blue and green. In the first outfit, she has green eyes, in the second outfit she has blue eyes.

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