Reiji Ogami
Reiji in the game
Also Known as Ogami Reiji
Birthdate 10/31/1962
Age 36
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Blood Type AB
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
Hobbies Unknown
Fighting Style Unknown
'Fighting Techniques Reiji's Command List
'Voice Actor Unknown
Reiji Ogami (剛力 Ogami(ごうりき Reiji)is a character in Deadly Arts. He is the final boss.

Story Edit

Reiji Ogami was a martial artist, He had a daughter and left her to live with her grandfather while he went to India. In India, he trained more into martial arts and wanted to be the world's best fighter. Some point in time, two godly spirits Hikari and Yami enter his body. When the Hikari and Yami enter his body, he was unable to control himself at that point anymore because of becoming to transform into one of them the gods.

Reiji Ogami becomes the mysterious legendary fighting master after that. Then he started holding competition each year to see who he can fight to be known as the strongest.

Little before events of the game, he holds a competition for skilled fighters to take him on. He sends out weird mysterious letters to each fighter that he knew was interested in martial arts. His plains succeeded because they all agreed to enter his tournament.

It is assumed that one of the fighters, most likely Kaoru Yaegashi defeats him because during the ending credits it shows Kaoru's yellow shadow figuring defeating him.

It is also assumed that he sees his daughter, as she was one of the contestants in the competition.

Personality Edit

Nothing is much known for Reiji's personality.

Fighting Style Edit

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown if Reiji purposely sent an invitation to his daughter for the competition, for her to see him again. Or if he didn't know that she was his daughter.
  • When transforming into one of the two spirits, Hikari is the one that mostly comes out more than Yami.

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