Sakais name
Sakai in manual
Also Known as Yuma Sakai
Birthdate 12/1/1971
Age 26
Height 187cm
Weight 87kg
Blood Type A
Likes Miki Kiryuin
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Hobbies Cooking
Fighting Style Muay Thai, Capoeira, kick boxing mixed martial arts
'Fighting Techniques Sakai's Command List
'Voice Actor Horikawa Jin
Sakai Yuma (堺勇馬 Sakai Yuuma (さかい・ゆうま Sakai Yuuma)or also Yuma Sakai is a male character from Konami's Deadly Arts. He was designed as a character who is mingy and very shy.

Development Edit

One first developments on him before the concept of creating the game, Sakai's clothes seem to change over time.

In the first version he was gonna wear jean pants with a white belt holding them up. He was post to wear a green puffy sleeve jacket with his chest hanging out. It was also showing him having scratch or scar marks across his chest and across his arm. In this first version he did not have a scar mark on his face.

Story Edit

Known to be the strongest fighter like Kai Himuro. Sakai is an outdoor traveler and is often not in the same place. He builds his body by training and fighting against beasts in order to get stronger. He always enjoys a good fight, pleasure, and thrilling when fighting. 

Even though he enjoys going outdoors, he is very skillful on cooking and a master at it. He enjoys it as a hobby.

His dream job is to become the world’s famous chef in the future. He hopes he can run a restaurant.  

Personality Edit

Saki sets his heart on something he loves doing and he is a believer on making it come true. He is also a man with a few words. When he talks, he talks in a low voice. People think of him as a mingy type of person. Because of this, people clearly misunderstand him.

He doesn't like the lack of wasting time and express himself when he wastes time. He likes training if others apply to him.

Fighting Style Edit

Saki is a great fighter that stands in a movement similar to Sagat and Joe Higashi. He fights using Muay Thai mixed with martial arts. He's fighting techniques are unique. He fights using a lot of kicks such as a Straight Kick. He often uses a Down Brandish Kick (follow-up attack).

He blocks himself a lot from punch moves and kicks. He does a sliding kick movement on the ground knocking his opponents down with him, this is called the Leg Brandish Kick.

When his enemies are down, he can use the Landing Sliding (before landing) to give more damage to his opponents. Another of his other moves he uses when his enemies are down is a Rai-yu Upper (after jump).

Trivia Edit

  • Sakai's stage looks like the grand canyon.
  • Sakai's name is from Malaysia, it means jungle people.
  • In the original prototype version of Deadly Arts, he wasn't one of the three characters that were playable. Instead, he was a character that had to be unlocked before he could become playable.

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