The Command List, these are the move sets that belong to Serina Hiyu. This fighting style is called Command Sambo.

Normal Edit

' Normal Moves
Flashing straight punch P
Flashing low attack (while crouching) P
Highrise kick K
Low sliding kick (while crouching) K
Double flash [[image: ]]
Flash break [[image: ]]
Middle beat kick [[image: ]]
Twisting heel press (follow-up attack) [[image: ]]
Arrow elbow [[image: ]]
Rising shoulder [[image: ]]
Combo sledge elbow [[image: ]]
Combo shooting elbow [[image: ]]
Arrow strike kick [[image: ]]
Knee explosion [[image: ]]
Slashing round kick [[image: ]]
Slashing double kick [[image: ]]
Slashing Round Combo [[image: ]]
Sneak Side Slash [[image: ]]
Cross Elbow [[image: ]]
Sledge Elbow [[image: ]]
Shooting Elbow [[image: ]]
Reverse Elbow [[image:]]
Alternate Elbow [[image: ]]
Cross Back Knuckle [[image: ]]
Cross Knuckle Impact [[image: ]]
Cross Knuckle Kick [[image: ]]
Cross Knuckle Spin [[image: ]]
Double Sledge Elbow [[image: ]]
Sledge Elbow Kick [[image: ]]
Falling Sledge Hammer [[image: ]]
Tornade Sledge [[image: ]]
Slashing Side Assault [[image: ]]
DDT Throw [[image: ]]
Face Slap Throw [[image: ]]
Double Face Slap Throw [[image: ]]
Twisting Cyclone Throw [[image: ]]
Twisting Cyclone Plus Throw [[image: ]]
Holding Hammer Throw [[image: ]]
Leg Cyclone Throw [[image: ]]
Pulling Wall Crusher Wall movethrow [[image: ]]
Turning Double Attack Wall movethrow [[image: ]]
Hold Down Object Move [[image: ]]
Hold Down and Elbow Butt Object Move [[image: ]]
Hold Down More Object Move [[image: ]]

Jump Edit

' Jump Moves
Missile Elbow After Jump [[image: ]]
Drop Blade Kick After Jump [[image: ]]
Landing Kick While Landing [[image: ]]
Flashing Side Kick While Front Jump [[image: ]]
Landing Elbow Before Landing [[image: ]]
Sliding Attack Before Landing [[image: ]]
Landing Low Fist Before Landing [[image: ]]
Bouncing Triangle Knee While Wall Jump [[image: ]]
Bouncing Hip Attack While Wall Jump [[image: ]]
Side Elbow Drop Follow-up Attack [[image: ]]
Missile Elbow After Jump [[image: ]]
Drop Blade Kick After Jump [[image: ]]