Serina name
Serina in manual
Also Known as Hiyu Serina
Birthdate 1/4/1981
Age 17
Height 165cm (5'4)
Weight 57kg (125lbs)
Blood Type B
Likes Kai Himuro
Dislikes Being ignored
Hobbies Writing love letters; dancing
Fighting Style Command Sambo
'Fighting Techniques Serina's Command List
'Voice Actor Akiko Sekine
Serina Hiyu (飛勇瀬里奈 Hiuu · Sorona(ひゆう・せりな Hiuu Sorona)is a fictinal character and one of the female fighters in Deadly Arts. She made her debut in the game as one of the three original three characters.  

She is a girl in love with Kai Himuro

Development Edit

In early development before the game was created in a concept art Serina had the same looking workout bathing suit, but the top part above her chest it was colored orange. Her bangs didn't have it all the way across just like the final version, but instead she had her hair parted to the side. The creates must not like the way she was created and scrapped her and redraw herself along with the rest of the characters.

The creates must of likes the design they created her after the scrapped of the other one and used her as one of the three main characters of the game. Later some point in time they just decided they should just have all the characters to chose from instead of only 3.

Story Edit

Serina Hiyu is an ordinary high school student that is in the 11th grade. She also goes to the same high school as Kai, Kaoru, and Azami. Even since she knew Kai Himuro, she is known to have has feelings for only him.   

She tries her best to be recognized by Kai, but it seems that everything she does doesn't seem to get him to notice her.   

She later notices Kai is interested in martial arts and knows he is a skillful fighter. So she trains herself to be a skillful fighter just like him in order to get Kai to notice her. In fact, she does become the 2nd best fighter as him. 

Even though Kaoru Yaegashi shows he has interest feelings for her, but she does not return his feelings to him.   

She receives a letter of an upcoming tournament that she knows Kai will attend to it and agrees to go to show Kai her fighting techniques and get a chance to tell him how she feels. She is hoping while winning the competition she'll get her love back in return.   

Personality Edit

She has a strong personality and appears to be quite mature. Sarina is, beautiful, charming, stressful, clumsy, and caring.   

Even though she seems like a pleasant, upbeat girl she can also be very shy when she is around Kai and tries to show that she loves him even though, Kai does not see this. It's hard to express her feelings even if she's an outgoing person. She can be a bit of a show-off and overdoes it when she fights to show Kai her strength.   

When another male find her attractive, such as Kaoru, she doesn't seem to care and kind of ignores it.   

Her birthday is January the 4th, 1981 making her the zodiac sign, Capricorn. She loves the colors green and yellow. Sometimes on her spare time she'll write love letters for Kai, but she never gives them to him. She loves to dance, and hang out with her closes friend, Miki. Her blood type is, B.   

Fighting Style Edit

Serina swings herself when does her standing moment, but don't be fooled of what she can do. Serina is the best, and stringer fighter out off all three of the girls. She moves in a fast paste to get the battle over. She is using the fighting style, Command Sambo to defeat her enemies and break them down. She does a lot of kicking when into fighting and someimes she gets down onto the floor to knock her opponents over.

During a battle she''ll use a arrow strike kick to get to her enemies, and sometimes slaps her enemies to distracted them. She'll use her fits straight out into the fight to knock them over. If she get's caught up in at the moment from the enjoyment of pleasure of fighting, she'll get fired up and start fighting super fast to get the battle over.


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